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    Exclamation Soccer Surfer | Top 10 Players, Pictures, Videos, and more!

    Soccer Surfer organizes your favorite soccer (football) player's biographies, pictures, and videos all into one. Be sure to check out the players page to see the top players as voted by other visitors.

    I've been working on this website on and off for a couple years and finally feel like it's done. I've put a lot of work inputing and uploading pictures to the database and wanted to give visitors a "one stop shop" for information regarding soccer players, clubs, etc.

    The videos page pulls youtube videos for the Top 10 rated players in the database.

    Let me know what you guys think, there are still a couple things I know I still need to fix, but I feel it's about ready.

    Soccer Surfer | Top 10 Soccer Players

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    nice to see your website

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1travel1 View Post
    nice to see your website
    Thanks, does anyone else have any suggestions?
    Soccer Surfer | Top 10 Soccer Players

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