Version 1.3 is has now been released. See details below

The Like Poll script is going to be the next big hit on Facebook thanks to the engaging and entertaining way it brings Facebook likes to the next level. The site is a fully featured polling site that utilizes multipule Facebook viral streams to increase user engagement. Instead of just regular voting, users ‘like’ their choice which then automatically shares that like with all of their friends on Facebook. After voting uses also get the chance to comment on the poll which also gets posted to their friends walls further increasing the viral capabilities of the script.

The script is simple to set up with only one configuration file needed to be edited. The site also has an easy to use admin area to add new polls to the site.


- Fully intergrated to Facebook
- Facebook Like viral polling system
- Built in Facebook powered commenting system
- Facebook Recent Activity social widget
- Easy to configure and set up
- Easy to use admin area for adding and deleting polls
- Simple image upload with automated thumbnail creation
- 25 poll starter pack included free
- User submited polls feature. Users can submit their own polls
- Easy to use admin interface to list, approve or delete user submitted polls
- Easy to use admin interface to add and delete friends links
- CMS managed friends link module on every public page
- Easy to edit templated css driven pages
- Full source code, no encoding
- Group and view polls by category
- Easy to use admin interface for adding and deleting categories
- SEO friendly pages with custom meta tagging ability
- SEO friendly URLs
- Javascript error checking added to user submission forms
- Javascript error checking added to admin area

* New in version 1.3 *

- Admin interface added to easily edit ad code for Leaderboard and Cube ads
- Interface improvements for cleaner style layout and UI experience
- Tracking modification added to track and store locally votes cast for each poll
- Ability to view list of polls by popularity
- Minor bug fixes
- Basic layout of PhpDoc put in place


PHP 5.0+

Preview URL

Preview Admin URL

Login : Admin
Password : Demo

On Sale Only : $50

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