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    [UK+US] GIGE VPS - 512MB RAM, 30GB HD - 1GBIT! - $9.95/mo - 2TB+ Transfer

    GigeVPS cares and value their customers unlike any other company. That's why we provide true unparalleled support to our cieants, powered by cutting edge servers and the high performance of OpenVZ! All servers are standard on 1Gbps ports, that means you can achieve speeds of 1000Mbps.

    • Intel Xeon Processors deliver unmatchable performance compared to older generation processors
    • DDR3 Memory allows you as a customer for faster RAM access
    • RAID-10 storage arrays for hard drive redundancy and performance
    • All plans are standard with a 1000Mbps(Gigabit) port
    • Happy Support available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week
    • Now in the US and the UK


    Silver - $9.95/mo
    512Mb Guaranteed DDR3 RAM, Now with 1024Mb Burst!
    30Gb RAID-10 storage
    2000GB Transfer
    1000Mbps uplink
    1 IP
    Order FL Now! |
    Order LA Now! | Order UK Now!

    Gold - $19.95/mo
    1024Mb Guaranteed DDR3 RAM, Now with 2048Mb Burst!
    75Gb RAID-10 storage
    3000GB Transfer
    1000Mbps uplink
    1 IP
    Order US Now! |
    Order LA Now! | Order UK Now!

    Platinum - $39.95/mo
    2048Mb Guaranteed DDR3 RAM, Now with 4096Mb Burst!
    100Gb RAID-10 storage
    4000GB Transfer
    1000Mbps uplink
    1 IP
    Order US Now! |
    Order LA Now! | Order UK Now!

    How to contact us?

    Email: sales[at]
    Live chat: Click the chat icon on the bottom of our site
    Submit a sales ticket:[
    Russ Foster - Industry Curmudgeon

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    I have an account to them (from hostlatch) then hostlatch gone gigevps
    and they double my memory and bandwidth
    that was very great my vps located in USA and in 2 months i will have 1 year in this company
    but 2 weeks ago i reliaze that they overselling vps
    so i speak with sales (i have a customer with them in uk servers) so i ask them if they can move my plan to uk
    they accept it, they create an account to UK and after i open a ticket with those i saw they updated my vps.
    and now i have 512MB RAM (I had 1500MB) and they told me that they dont want to charge me for 2 months (the rest of my prepaid plan)

    I think if there were any possibility to tell me that if they move me i can not have all those that i bought!
    also when gigevps bought hostlatch they send us email that we can keep this package to those prices that we had!
    I have the same price with no resources
    i have a support that they cant change the RDNS as i asked
    and of course my vps is down because i can not even install virtualmin

    So Be carefull of this company
    And i have all the support tickets if you want anything to see

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    Today i receive an update to my ticket
    they finally increase the ram of the vps
    from 1.5GB to 2GB
    now the vps looks great

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    Attention needed

    Hello people
    I am new here and i came here only to provide my situation with this company (if it is a company)

    One user from here told me about this company and i buy a vps for testing! i made 2 upgrades for the server and finally i have the gold package
    so i rebuild this vps and it works great! I also bought one more vps the same package. I pay yearly packages and i also bought 1 more ip for each vps
    for the second vps i waiting to make the rdns so i did not use it!
    for the first one they suddenly suspended and i asked through support tickets why they suspended it!
    For 2 days i haven't receive anything!
    i try to find support (nothing) sales (nothing) support tickets no one responds! So i made one more ticket for cancel the vps that i never used (I get it 8/4 and in 19/4 they closed all tickets) and they suspend the second vps that i never used it!
    i receive this message
    Subject: Service Suspension Notification

    Dear Kleanthis Kefalas (Misel Group ),

    This is a notification that your service has now been suspended. The details of this suspension are below:

    Product/Service: Gold - UK
    Amount: $179.95 USD
    Due Date: 07/04/2012
    Suspension Reason: Overdue on Payment

    Please contact us as soon as possible to get your service reactivated.

    Thank you,
    ~ GigeVPS
    (they have get their money) so make disputes in paypal
    For one yearly upgrade service for the first vps ($78.16) for the ips $24 and for the second vps

    of course they told me that i was spamming and they send me abuse emails to the server that they suspend! (from the first perhaps vps)
    as you all know it is difficult to see the messages so i can try to resolve any abuses or find any problem in this vps or even rebuild it!
    they just told me that i spam and they cancel the services

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