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    * Buy VPN Tunnel Service from $3.33/mo

    Private Internet Access specializes in personal VPN services. Focusing entirely on personal VPN tunnel services allows Private Internet Access to be able to offer fast, high quality service levels along with outstanding customer service and technical support.

    Private Internet Access provides anonymous vpn services in the US with multiple gigabit gateways. Choosing a dedicated VPN service provider allows you to receive the highest quality service at the lowest possible price.

    Why do I need a VPN Tunnel service provider?
    VPN Tunnel Services should be deployed for the following reasons:
    • Public Wifi Security
      Insecure public wifi hotspots, including those commonly found in coffee shops, bookstores, hotels, libraries, malls, universities, and airports are unencrypted networks. This allows criminals, thieves, hackers and other mischievous entities to steal data and view your traffic. In other words, anything you send or receive can be read if sent unencrypted, including your emails, sites you visit, data you transmit to and from websites, chat applications and more. However, using a VPN service will enable you to use MSCHAP-v2 or SSL encryption giving you strong public wifi security.
    • Unblock Websites
      If you are traveling to or live in a location with restrictive internet access, simply use a VPN to gain access to the internet as if you were in the US. With gigabit port speeds on all of our dedicated VPN gateways, we are able to provide amazingly fast speeds enabling you to also use VoIP and P2P based applications.
    • Hide Your IP
      Whenever you visit a website, your breadcrumb trail is stored by both the website you visit as well as any tracking software they may have installed (i.e., google analytics, ads, etc.). However, if you use a VPN service, you will be able to hide your IP and effectively mask your IP with a shared anonymous IP address.
    • Browse Anonymously
      Browsing anonymously online goes hand in hand with hiding your IP. Simply browse safely and discreetly. Don't let others, including your ISP, monitor your internet usage.
      Uncensored Access
      We do not filter our traffic. Period.

    Ok, I need a VPN. Why should I choose Private Internet Access?
    • All of our VPN service gateways are located in top tier datacenter facilities with a minimum dedicated gigabit card.
    • All systems have a minimum Core 2 Duo processor up to Quad Core Xeons
    • PPTP and OpenVPN on all accounts. Get a custom port if you are in a restrictive network!
    • We specialize in VPN, and only VPN.
    • We have gateways in the US!
    • We have over 15+ years experience!
    • We accept Paypal.

    I'm sold! How do I sign up?
    Simply visit our buy VPN service website. We offer monthly accounts from $6.95 and yearly from $39.95 ($3.33/mo).

    The yearly accounts offer savings of over $40 per year.
    Private Internet Access™ VPN Service
    For safe browsing, always use protection.™
    Buy VPN

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    Your price looks very good. With your service I get one IP or dynamic IPs?

    A friend of mine buy VPN online using that link and the service is very good and has dynamic IP addresses but the prices is a little higher than yours. Is from $6 to $11, depending if you buy per year or per month.

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