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    Forum postings

    I can offer you something which is very useful .I can say that i can post 20 thread on unique forums with anchor text daily.And i will charge for

    one thread with anchor text = $ .5
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    I saw somewhere at dp where post owner was saying $14 per 100 post or so. I dont know which one is cheap compare to yours, you might wanna check it out.
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    Well Anna, you charge is affordable but i want to know about your working strategies.

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    Please send me some details, examples and a few boards you use.

    I am interested in what I have read so far
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    I got an hosting offer and a traffic site, how can you help with that?
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    Please tell me your best price for forum posting . we need one post with one live link at Them based forum. Our them is seo . Internet marketing.
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    what are the 20 forums that you will use?

    Are they active or dead forums?
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    Can you please tell me best price for forum posting. I am interested to do forum posting.
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    Hi mate

    Me also interested in forum posting so send me mail...
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    we are still waiting for forum poster .
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  12. I have a non-English website, Can you do this forum posting with Non-English anchor texts? (This is address :
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