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    +1 for SecuredServers

    I am so happy with my service at SecuredServers that I wanted to make a quick plug for them. By no means is this an in-depth review, but it does give a small look into their network.

    Its not every day that you get a dedicated server on a shared 100mbps port and push 91mbps, with a sustained 60ish/mbps, but thats what you get with SecuredServers.

    I highly recommend SecuredServers, they are located in a great datacenter, PhoenixNAP, and have pretty good latency across the US. I have friends on the east coast (I believe Virginia) that ping an avg of 60ms, and because PhoenixNAP has a backhaul to LA, I imagine latency in Cali must be wonderful as well.

    Note: I was rsync'ing between SecuredServers and Club Uptime when this thread was created.

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    Haw long have you been with them?

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    And what web site have you hosted with them?

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    I have had service with SecuredServers for only a few weeks, but their bandwidth availability has been rock solid--so much so that I felt inspired to throw them some love on the forums.

    As for what I host with them, its not a website, but you can ping it at server I have with Club Uptime is on

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