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    Smile Some opinions, a brother of mine...

    Ok hereīs the situation, Iīll try to make it short...

    I have a little brother, heīs 21, he suddenly becomes a father at 19, our nephew is 1.5y old now, weīre all nuts(happy) and all with the kid, he is living with his family since then, we and his girlfriendīs parents been helping them so far.

    The thing is, he didnīt finished High School, he is on it at the moment(attends like once every 2 weeks for test, is more about study and homework, so hours are manageble), he doesnīt seem to know to do anything of economical value, he hasnīt worked ever besides in my parents business..., which I never considered it of real value or good for him.

    He now obviously wants and needs to find a job, but..., he doesnīt have any experience...
    Ok, until here, I may help him to get a job in order to learn and such...
    Thing is, with him, Iīm afraid "wanting" and "having the need" ma not be enough to make it well, as I think he needs a state of mind or autentic motivation about what he may be starting to work on.

    For some of us is easy to have motivation and doing things right, and even we need some help to force us do things or get disciplined, but some people just may strugle more to like it, they get bored easily, uninterested and get miserable, we are all different.
    In these cases, what options or strategies may be(psicological, discpline, routine, etc.) could be in order to have desire of beeing productive?

    Insentives are normaly the rule, is just that long term insentives are the ones that make people quit more I think, like the ones who strugle with the gym, the insentive is the great looks one can have.., but just by knowing thatīs going to take weeks or months and is not even guaranteed to have results, it makes it uninteresting for some.

    Other thing, what discipline could he check?
    He mentioned that he has thought about something computer related, he say ofcourse he is not sure because he actually hasnīt try it or learned in the real world, so is not necessarely a matter of what one likes yet, but what to try, and because thereīs not much chance to trial and error, choosing well is important.
    the oher variant is also, whereīs the money?, not to getting rich, but at least to have $ flow, liking it or being an expert in something may not be enough ofcourse.

    I have tought about computer support and such too because I feel there is always people and businesses with computer issues.
    That and Accounting.

    Any opinions or info or material you may know it could help?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jagarco View Post
    ... autentic motivation about what he may be starting to work on. ...

    Insentives are normaly the rule ... He mentioned that he has thought about something computer related ... to have $ flow ... because I feel there is always people and businesses with computer issues.

    Any opinions or info or material you may know it could help?
    Have a look at your own (edited) text
    That's it. You have answered your own question.

    Take some friendly time with him, and talk about the way that computer's related tasks could give him some nice opportunities to earn some money. Tell him that once he start knowing more people, the things becomes getting easier and easier for him. Tell him about his own qualities and capacity, in a sincere positive manner. Once you start investigating it further, you can get more and more points "from his mouth" to motivate him even more.

    That's all about the way we do an invitation.
    Once you are sure he's becoming more confident, go ahead and invites him to start a job with you or with a friend of yours. If you buy some basic materials related to his future tasks, do it, and make him his own "chief" that you'll help him while he get's started.

    If he's going to work for someone else as an employee, extract from him his beliefs about the job he is supposed to do, and teach him the value of his new tasks, e.g:

    Do you guys recognized how valuable are your roles as a hosting company/employee to a whole world?
    You are providing me with the opportunity to express my humble opnion at this exact moment. You've gave the opportunity to read and learn about the things I realy like. You are the people that provides a way to someone start small, and create the future 'Googles'. You gave the chance to the people in North Korea to publish contents readly, as soon as they needed to tell the world about what was going on with the country when it was claiming for changes...

    Did you get it?

    Have a try...
    Just remember to be as positive as possible about everything he's going to say or do. Never tell him or better yet, never tell someone that something is not possible, or that would be as hard as DON'Tknow. And so important as it all, do believe in people! Believe them, and give them credit so they'll be motivated enought to create new "wonders".

    Try it, and believe.
    Everything else comes in the right moment.

    Thanks for this

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