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Thread: R1Soft issue

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    R1Soft issue


    I have a xen based vps... I had the server working perfectly and backing up everyday as it had to be...

    however I just added more space to the r1soft server, and now it says that I have no space left when performing a backup...

    I removed the disk safe and added it again, also ran the host discovery tool, and performed a manual backup, but its stuck in 21% almost 2 hours ago!...

    the buagent process is still active, with some 'high' loads (not much..) but its just there, stuck..

    What do you recommend me?..


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    Can you strace the buagent process in your VM to see what it is doing?

    Is this a seed backup it is making or an incremental?
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    Thank you its actually the first backup it performs after I re-added the disk safes...
    This is what I got:

    I'd prefer to start it all over again... adding the host once again, etc.. because it was working before!, or do you think that the addition of disk space caused it and the problem would persist?

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    Oh, well, that one was buagent net, this is buagent backup:

    It just started a few moments ago! .. I just saw the "history" label and its performing the same backup, no movements..

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    It looks like it is still working. How much data are you backing up? The initial seed backup can take quite some time. The progress bar in 2.0 is useless also, don't rely on that to determine if it is doing anything.
    Corey Arbogast | CEO
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    One entire night and is in 20% haha, it was 17% yesterday xDD..
    It is still working in WHM, both processes are "alive"...

    100GB approx.


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    Oh, wait wait.. sorry Corey, I just saw and it was from another backup...SO... it worked haha..

    Thank you Corey have a great day!

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