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    3 Year Review -

    Hi WHT,

    I found by reading a review a few years ago and because of that review I chose birdhosting to go with. So I thought I would do the same and help someone else make the right choice.
    I'm coming up on my 3rd anniversary with and I can't say enough about what a great move it was to go with them.

    First I was greated with very helping hands - Mike the owner helped me migrate from my old provider to his server (I purchase a VPS at the time). I was moving from CentOS to Plesk (I think) and he helped me work out some kinks that I had due to my novice hosting skills. He spent considerable time on the phone with me and also on IM assisting me with backing up and bringing back online.
    Since then I've grown considerably and birdhosting has grown tremondously but you would never be able to tell because Mike is still responds to my emails when I have some stupid question about how to do something.

    Over the last three years I've gone from a VPS to 4 dedicated (3 wins and 1 Linux) and then back down to just two (1 win, 1 linux). When I requested each new server it was online and working within 2 hours. I was able to login to plesk and/or RDS without any issues. When I requested to take down a server (because a client went out of business) birdhosting did so without any issue and he pro-rated my bill.

    Then last year sometime went to cloud, Mike and his team migrated both servers for me and its been great. I had zero down time during the migration and I would say zero down-time since the migration. My clients are enjoying the great support, service and hosting that provides for me/them.

    I think that is all I have - if anyone has questions for me I'd be happy to answer them.


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    Thank you very much for your kind comments.

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    The domain is interesting.. hehe~

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    Birdweb has been very active on WHT and very helpful here as well. It does not surprise me one bit that they're offering rock solid services/support for their clients.

    Great review!
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    thanks for post,i search now for vps,i will take look what birdhost offer.

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