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    VPS and bind DNS


    I would like to configure my own DNS server on my VPS machine. I have chosen bind.

    I have founded a lot of examples of zone definitions. One of them is here:

    // replace with your domain name. do not forget the . after the domain name!
    // Also, replace ns1 with the name of your DNS server      IN      SOA (
    // Do not modify the following lines!
    // Replace the following line as necessary:
    // ns1 = DNS Server name
    // mta = mail server name
    // = domain name      IN      NS          IN      MX     10
    // Replace the IP address with the right IP addresses.
    www              IN      A
    mta              IN      A
    ns1              IN      A
    And now my question: I have only one VPS and so I will have only one DNS Server (without secondary DNS). How should I set the value of secondary DNS server in my domain panel?

    The second issue is that I do not know the full name of my server - I have the IP address only. What should I write instead of

    I would appreciate some directions,

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    You should have at least 2 IP addresses in order to be able to delegate the domain name to your NS's. - Flexible Solutions
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    1. You should replace with your domain.
    2. You can have both ns1 and ns2 point to the same IP in your DNS config.
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