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    How to write false $_REQUEST, please help

    This is if statement $_REQUEST if the language translated

    if ($_REQUEST['language']) {

    i need to set the opposite, if the language not translated, what its looks like, please help

    which one is correct? or no one of them

    if (!$_REQUEST['language']) {

    if ($_REQUEST!['language']) {

    if !($_REQUEST['language']) {
    Lets be stable diligent person

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    if (!$_REQUEST['language']) {

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    PHP will throw a notice if "language" index isn't found in the URL with the above suggestion.

    Use this, instead :

    PHP Code:
    if (!isset($_REQUEST['language']))
    'Index nout found.';

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    You can use empty() function, which checks is variable empty or not.
    If you use isset() function it will fail if $_REQUEST['language']='' because variable is SET to empty string.

    Function empty() checks if variable IS EMPTY or not.
    This IMO is better solution:

        echo 'Index not found.';

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