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    Launching first web application. Can't decide on hosting needs.

    I am ready to launch my first web application and have been trying to decide which hosting company to sign up with. I have been doing research for the last few days and there is so much information out there, I'm finding it hard to make decisions. I figured this community might be able to point me in the right direction. I'm a programmer with limited networking knowledge. I have setup in-house windows servers(at former employers) but my knowledge other than that is pretty limited.

    I was going to go with a VPS server, but now I've started reading about cloud servers. The thing that really interests me about these cloud servers, is the ability to scale up your performance on the whim. I have no idea what vps package I need for my site because I don't know what kind of numbers to expect. I don't want to sign a contract for a vps that isn't going to meet my needs, and adversely for a vps that is going to be overkill. My site will start small, but has huge potential to grow. I would like to stay away from contracts if at all possible.

    My site will be running off of an apache webserver, with a mysql backend. I will need root access, and my own instance of an OS. I will be running a windows server, because my knowledge with Linux isn't quite up to par, and my development is all done in a windows environment. At this point I'm fine with running my db server, and web server off the same instance. If the site ever grew to the point that 1 instance was creating a bottleneck, I would look at splitting the front and back up across different instances/machines.

    I have been looking at many different hosting companies. For VPS the few I have came across that looked pretty good so far are, and For cloud servers I have been looking at rackspace, voxel, and sitecloud. However the price on a rackspace server seems like it's quite a bit higher than most of these other companies. Is this because you get what you pay for? Or is rackspace overpriced?

    So please leave me to some suggestions to VPS vs. Cloud. As well as suggestions for actual hosting providers. Your suggestions will be much appreciated.


    Can't decide between vps or cloud for my hosting needs. Can't decide on a company with a proven track record.

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    You can start small with a VPS and scale up. Once you outgrow a VPS, then you can either go to a dedicated server or to cloud services.

    When I looked at Amazon EC2, as an example, VPSes were a lot more cost effective at the low end. For example, a small Amazon EC2 Windows box is $.12/hour. 30 days @ 24 hours * $.12 = $86.40/month. Add $.15/GB for bandwidth on top of that. That's just a glance - I'm not as familiar with that market.

    You might want to look at hosting companies that participate here on WHT - that's how I pick my VPS vendors.

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    rackspace should be the quality choice. depends your budgets, directspace offers competitive price for their windows vps server.

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    My opinion is Rackspace is OVERPRICED. Rackspace themselves do not sell their services as a good network, etc.. Rackspace's main selling point is customer service.

    You probably just need a VPS for now, and not even a cloud, although being with a provider that offers cloud with scaling would be beneficial in the thought that it would be an easy swap from regular vps to scalable cloud vps. offers regular vps's, and also scalable cloud vps's. also offers this however I have seen problems posted recently regarding's cloud vps's, and haven't actually seen any negative review for

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    I will check out all the listed hosting companies. Thanks for your replies =D

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