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    Question Need HTML code help!

    I need some help with getting my code just right, I am trying to have some buttons on the side of the page, and text in the middle. I have the buttons on the side of the page, but when I try to put text on the side of the buttons in the middle of the page, I am having trouble doing it.

    The text either show up on the bottom of the buttons or on the top of the buttons. I am not sure if I am missing some code or just not typing the code in right.

    Here is a sample of the code I have now. As you can see the text is not where I want it to be. Some help would be nice. Thank you.

    <title>Untitled Document</title>

    <body bgcolor="#000000" text="#FF3300"><center><h1>The Game</h1></center><center><form action="">
    <input type="button" value="Home"><input type="button" value="Information"><input type="button" value="Game Rules">
    </form></center><br /><br /><align left><form action="">
    <input type="button" value="Game1"></form><form action=""><input type="button" value="Game2"></form><form action=""><input type="button" value="Game3"></form><form action="">
    <input type="button" value="Game4"></form><form action=""><input type="button" value="Game5"></form><form action=""><input type="button" value="Game6"></form>
    </form><p><center> How to play the game</center></p>


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    This is an horrific piece of HTML.

    The easiest way to achieve what you want would be to have your left buttons in a floating DIV :

    PHP Code:
    <title>Untitled Document</title>

    body bgcolor="#000000" text="#FF3300"><center><h1>The Game</h1></center><center><form action="">
    input type="button" value="Home"><input type="button" value="Information"><input type="button" value="Game Rules">
    form></center><br /><br />

    div style="float:left;">
    form action="">
    input type="button" value="Game1"></form><form action=""><input type="button" value="Game2"></form><form action=""><input type="button" value="Game3"></form><form action="">
    input type="button" value="Game4"></form><form action=""><input type="button" value="Game5"></form><form action=""><input type="button" value="Game6"></form>

    p><centerHow to play the game</center></p>
    p><centerHow to learn HTML?</center></p>


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    Yes, thank you, I am aware how horrific my HTML coding is. I am just learning how to do this, and this is my first attempt at doing a website.

    I do thank you, for the pointers, I shall give it a go.

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    It may be worth checking out some of the examples at It's a great website, I always use it for reference when I've forgotten certain things. You can also go on from there and learn the likes of CSS, Javascript, PHP etc.

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    I much prefer HTML Dog for its tutorials, as HTML Dog actually seems to care about standards and being up-to-date. There are a number of problems with the content on W3Schools. That said, in the beginning I learned some from W3Schools, so its negative effects can't be that bad.

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    I suggest personally, as I've found their database of tutorials to be very helpful!

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    Thank you, all of you, for the websites. I will give them a look and see. I am sure they will help me with my website coding. I hope so anyway.

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    Floating will do the job for you. You can find a great article about floats at the famous It is very detailed and will help you a lot.

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    The easiest way I have seen in developing your own website is by using dreamweaver. Dreamweaver will usually write HTML code for you when you add stuff on to your website e.g if you add a button on the section that you want, you will find that dreamweaver will produce the HTML code that corresponds to what you want. I would suggest you get a copy of Dreamweaver and explore it.

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    Thank you for the sites, I will give them a look at. I was looking at w3schools and it is alright, but I will look at the others ones to get more ides. Thank you.

    Yes, I do have dreamweaver, is what I was, and have been using the do the coed in. I can not say I have the latest one, I have CS5. I find it to be very helpful when it comes to putting in some of the code for you. It is very nice.

    Thank you again for the pointers, and the websites.

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    there is wordpress plugin for it,you can use code of it,it is very simple...

  12. much prefer Notepad ++

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