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    login without post function

    I have tried to use http headers when I log into a certain website to see which variables are sent. But there isn't any post statement on live httpheaders.

    I only see a HTTP/1.1 401 Authorization Required
    when the login appears.

    How can I find out which variables are sent?

    Is it possible to make a login box on a website that logs in without using a post statement?

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    Bit confused as to what exactly you're asking here, are you talking about a website you own, or any website generally.

    If it isn't a website you own/designed why do you need to see what variables were posted?

    As far as I know .htaccess can be used to make logins to certain directories. I suppose you could use get to - but that would probably be a bad idea.

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    To see which variables you are sending (assuming you are using php) you can try:

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    If you're using HTTP auth the variables will be in $_SERVER, just print_r($_SERVER). From what I understand though php's http auth doesn't work under cgi, not sure about suphp.
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