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    Redirects gone wrong

    Hello everybody,
    A friend of mine has a website and he bought some domains and tried to make them all redirect to the domain his website is using. In the process, something went wrong.
    On his website he has a structure like:
    After the redirects, if I type secondaryDomain(dot)com in the address bar of the browser I'm redirected to OriginalDomain(dot)com, but if I type secondaryDomain(dot)com/index(dot)html I'm no longer redirected, but a page identical to OriginalDomain(dot)com/index(dot)html is loaded; similarly, if I type secondaryDomain(dot)com/topic1 I'm not redirected, and a page identical to
    OriginalDomain(dot)com/topic1 is loaded; same with topic2, but with topic3 I DO get redirected to OriginalDomain(dot)com/topic3!
    Anyone knowing what this means and how can it get fixed?
    Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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    How are you doing the redirection?
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    Hi SamBarrow,
    I didn't do it so I don't know what happened. I'll try to answer your question as well as I can: he had been using the CMS on lunarpages (dot) com, and all the redirects are 301 - permanently moved.
    Does this answer the question or is it something else you wanted to know?
    Thank you for answering so quickly!

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    42> ##.##.##.220

    The other one, the technical support has been trying to help me out and I am trying to point my namecheap api to one of my 5-dedicated IP's.

    Q1) Does it make it difference which one I choose (because this hosting account is only a reseller and not a master reseller) I do not have WHMPHP to adjust my domains to different IP's.

    The support guy has tried to explain to me that my: ##.##.##.220 IP is for my primary domain. Or my primary reseller. [ So he set this up for me ]

    Now luckily a put a domain name that describes its function "" on my second IP:

    So when I pointed the namecheap api to that domain I got a little red button.

    So I am thinking that the domain name servers are no longer properly set up.

    (I have been messing with these things quite a bit both at my registrar (mainly name cheap) and now I am ready to to take the DNS plunge either using WHM or the C-panel for my main account.

    Then he told me to set up whatever domains I wanted to use as my name servers to point to: --->##.##.##.220 --->##.##.##.221

    So I did that.

    Only later did I ask or did he tell me about having accounts set up for these domains using my WHM

    So when I brought in my "" domain name and set it up using WHM (i had already managed to use up all my dedicated IP's with my other reallycool domain names) the WHM panel placed the "" onto some other "shared" IP adress.

    Q1)....*****Does the domain name that is merely functioning as a name server even have to be on a C-panel account? Can it be on a C-panel account if I wanted it to do something else? Or is the "" domain name effectively "used up" doing it domain name server chore?****


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    I hit one button (I think) and half of this crazy DNS story gets wiped away. Then of course I try cutting and pasting because when you spend 25 mins typing a story get logged out..

    I know my basic problem is Im long winded..

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    Has someone else experienced something like this?

    Hi SanWebBiz,

    Either are your messages a veery complicated solution to my problem (this is a joke, eh?), either are they trying to describe a problem you have - this really seems to be the case.
    I can't figure out a solution to your problem, sorry, hope you'll find a solution soon. If it doesn't have anything to do with redirects gone wrong (because this is the title of this thread) it might be difficult to find by those who might help you.

    Going back to my issue, I think asking a simpler question could help me find a solution faster.

    A redirect has been made for

    www(dot)secondaryDomain(dot)com towards

    When I type


    I am redirected towards the


    but when I type

    I'm no longer redirected, but a page identical to

    www(dot)OriginalDomain(dot)com/index(dot)html is loaded.

    Any idea about what could cause such a behaviour? Or anything similar?

    I don't want someone else to solve my problem, I just need a tiny idea to know where to start with searching for a solution.

    Thanks a lot for reading and tons of gratitude for your help.
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    Realised that a solution might come with .htaccess editing and looked further for help here.

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