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    * UK/EU cloud server setup


    We are looking for a UK/EU setup like singlehops cascade.

    We want it to be in the UK/EU, does anyone know another provider with a similar type service? These will host our xen vps's.

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    I thought you are selling dedicated server in UK?
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    But we'd like to keep our services at different location so that if downtime did occur it wouldn't effect all services. And We'd prefer to buy the server setup with the cloud feature from someone who has it setup perfectly. Like singlehop although we don't want it in the US just yet.

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    XENServer can do this with a licensed version where if one machine fails it'll start the VM up on another Node connected to the same SAN as this is how we do it.
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    Will take a look thank you.

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    you could also give something like elasticstack's cloud in a box if you are looking for hardware with cloud hosting services preinstalled

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    There are lots of options now in the UK / Ireland / EU - have you more details on what you are looking for?
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