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    Question Is it better to have a UK IP for search rankings?

    I've read that it's better to have a UK IP for UK search rankings? Currently we do have a Uk IP and do have good search rankings. (pagerank=5)

    However I'm wondering if we really need a UK IP. I've seen cheaper dedi servers in mainland Europe, France, NL, Germany.

    Is it true that you get better UK search rankings if you have a UK IP address? We have a web address. Most of our visitors are from the UK but also USA and EU.

    Thanks for the help

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    Because you are using a .uk domain, you are already geo-targeting your users through that and as such Google should recognise this. If you had a non-specific TLD (e.g. .com, .net, .org) then you'd need to use a UK based IP address or use Google Webmaster Tools targeting to explicitly specify who you want to aim your site at.
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    Agree with above answer, your website domain already told you to have an UK IP.

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    Although the above is true... from experience i have found also having a UK IP does help... we do SEO for some of our clients and this is one thing we have noticed.
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    I think the TLD is more important, but if your site is physically located in the UK on a UK ip that will lead to better load times, which is also good for SEO.
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    UK IP is good only in that case if you want ranking from
    and it is also good for your website load time

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    Yes, it definitely helps. I have tried the same with many different sites, etc. Well worth the extra 1.50 or however much the provider charges for them.

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