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    * how to install Mikrotik on Xen

    hi guys.
    I have 2 question about Mikrotik.

    first: why offical Mikrotik site put they Mikrotik OS files (iso) in Torrent format in their site???
    It really looks like funny and strange!!

    second q:
    I'm trying to install Mikrotik on Xen . there is no Mikrotik template.
    is it possible that i use another template (for example a linux template) and then install Mikrotik iso on that ?

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    answering your 2nd question: on Xen HVM yes you can, on Xen PV i guess you can't do that.

    the solution for Xen PV is installing zentyal/clearos liked. i did this last time a go before my xen out of memory. :p
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    1. torrent is the fastest delivery channel - this was very clever to use that you have http downloads there as well, but torrent is the fastest (and also don't put load on their servers, so good for them as well )

    2. yes, the template should be linux 2.6. it should have at least 16MB of RAM (unless you are doing many different heavy things). I have 32MB installations, but they all use max 10MB during operations.

    if you have any other questions about mikrotik in virtual environments, i can try to answer

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