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    Pinellashosting impressed me!

    Suppose it will be useful here to share my experience dealing with Pinellashosting.. i've been using their service for more than 4 months and fully-satisfied. My site has only been down once, but not because of their service, it's because of my own mistake. I might add, they fixed it within 20 minutes of me emailing support!
    They are very quick to respond to help desk tickets.
    As for the pricing, it is competitive..
    Their servers are fast and I am pleased running my web site with them.
    I highly recommend them to anyone looking for outstanding, friendly, and reliable web hosting services.

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    Four months of experience and no problems, that sounds good indeed!

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    Thanks for the review. It is very nice to see a satisfied customer. Expecting a follow up after a couple of months.

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    It's always good to learn about different hosting companies and how they're doing. I'll be interested to see where this company goes. Thanks for sharing.

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    You are lucky to get such a good hosting company. Best of luck !

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