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    Panic Coda license for sale.

    I have a Panic Coda ( license up for sale. Coda is a Mac OS X application used to code various languages in an interface. Check out the full features on their website -

    The license is being sold as I am no longer using my Macintosh for web development projects. Originally purchased for $99 USD, I'm selling it for $50 to $80. Original purchase email will be sent to you. Please email me on me (@) to list your bid. Bidding will finish 12th of April. Payment is via PayPal.

    Thanks very much,
    AlfaHosts Group Australia - The Web Hosting Experts

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    I sent you an email


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    The license has been sold. Mods can close this thread.

    AlfaHosts Group Australia - The Web Hosting Experts

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    ntalaw flow

    I also have a Coda license for sale. I purchased it for US$ 99 on 2009-04-14. You can mail me on lonebyte (at) I have a price of US$ 70 to US$ 80 in mind. Payment is also via Paypal.

    Thanks in advance,
    Jan Müller

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    Hi everyone,

    I have a Coda license for sale as well. I've contacted Panic and gotten the procedure for transferring the license—it's very straight forward. All that remains is a Paypal exchange between you and I and some information from you to provide to Panic (your name, email) to transfer the license.

    I wish to sell the license for $75 (it retails for $99). The license would entitle you to all future updates to Coda. Please contact me at swaysteady (at) to arrange the sale.

    Kind regards,

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    Hi everyone,

    I also have a Panic Coda License for sale. Like those who have posted before me, I have also contacted Coda regarding the procedure of transferring licenses.

    I am listing the license for $70.

    Please email me at nishiki [dot] liu [at] gmail [dot] com if interested.

    Thank you,

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    I have also Panic Coda license for sale, version 1.7.5. Purchased for $99 and I'm selling it for $45. After you make PayPal payment I'll send you email with license (I'll need your name, email and address to transfer license).

    PM for info.

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