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    Using free / ISP email ids

    I have noticed that a lot of online buyers and sellers use free email ids like hotmail, gmail.
    Also if you have been using the internet for long, you may may have ISP email ids for legacy reasons.

    Are there any disadvantages of using these email ids and can the email provider object to the usage of a mail id?

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    Disadvantages ... frankly speaking I don't know if there are some.

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    hehe, I think as long as you don't use it for official newsletter etc on your own website. there's not real any disadvantage.

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    There is some disadvantages of using free email ids. These can be easily hacked, most people use it for spamming, received spam mail in bulk and you do not have sufficient power to stop it. Even the most benefits of such IDs is these are free.

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    As for me I like free email ids. Why should I pay for that I can have for free? - is my web site.

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    What happens when if the free email provider decides to block your email and you have used it extensively.

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    I suppose that is the only opportunity all customers have. And that is ok. But sometimes IPS or free email service provider can block web hosting providers IPs and important emails are lost.
    I see that is the only problem with free emails.

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    Gmail has been good for me and their SMTP service is working nice on our web forms.

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