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    Hosting a site on two servers

    Lately i have all kinds of problems with my hosting (server down, mysql not working,etc) .I was wondering if i could have 2 servers where i can host my sites and setup DNS so that when a server is down the other could take over .Can this be done ?
    Thanks for your help, guys

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    I don't know how to do that
    But if it was me, I would just change hosts as first logical option.

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    You should be able to setup multiple nameservers hosted on the 2 different hosting servers you want to use.
    You will also have to ensure that the content on the two servers are kept in sync so that the when server 1 goes down (and it's DNS is unreachable), the second server will server your sites' pages - HOWEVER, this would ONLY work if the server was down and NOT for mySQL issues ...
    As the other member mentioned, you will be better off changing your hosting provider (if you are on a shared host) at first.
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