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    When you reply you get 7+ year old topics?

    Why is it when I reply to a topic, below it shows like "simliar" one's but the dates are YEARS ago, like for example this one was 7 years ago! can't you fix it so it doesn't pull up anything older than a month.

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    The reason why I think it's like that is because not everyone on thisforum searched for hosting. What if someone for example asks, how to install cPanel? Or anything similar. It could be explained 10 times before you ask the question and you will see it in the similar threads even if they were 1,2,3 years ago. If you see it there, it might already be answered so there is no need to post the thread.

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    Dates dont matter though.....

    If the links in the thread ARE STILL VALID and you have something valid to add to the topic @ hand,WHY NOT??

    People that get worked up over a date are quite bizarre in my opinion...

    Tinyurl is the answer for posting long urls!!!

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    I've never used that feature, is it pretty useful when you get recent results?
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    older then a month is bad.. older then 2-3 years maybe
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    Quote Originally Posted by zomgmike View Post
    I've never used that feature, is it pretty useful when you get recent results?
    It is much more helpful for beginners and for people searching on slightly older technologies.
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