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    VPS Node bottleneck


    I have E5620 CPU and 4 SAS 15k drives. My load is over 20 now, how do I see whats the bottleneck?


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    Also top -c

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    copy the output of...

    iostat -x 1 5
    cat /proc/meminfo

    paste it in pastebin and post the link

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    What is the output of iostat -x 3 5?

    You can also install iotop to monitor I/O. - Fast, Quality and Secure MANAGED VPS with fast SSD drives in h/w RAID10
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    Here is iostat -x 3 5

    Here are top, iostat and meminfo

    From the first output I see %util is 99%+, does it mean my HDDs are the bottlenect? How is that possible considering those are fast 15k RPM SAS rives in RAID10? Is my CPU and RAM overkill for the drive?

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    In the top output your CPU is near overloaded as well.
    Is the cpu typically less than 20% idle?

    You are clearly having I/O-wait (disk) issues, do you have a software raid or hardware raid and what raid level?

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    It's 4 x SAS 15k RPM drives with RAID10 - Adaptec card.

    CPU is 30%+ idle almost all the time

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    You are writing to that RAID at ~120 MB/sec. That's decent if those are random writes rather than linear, otherwise I can easily achieve 200+ MB/sec with md RAID10 and 7200 rpm disks.

    Given the low service time (<0.5 ms), average wait (30-50ms), and 30K+ write requests/sec, I don't think the RAID is malfunctioning, but check anyways. Even a RAID10 with 15K rpm disks is not a silver bullet... you are working it hard. The question is -- what are all these data being written?
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    To /var/lib/mysql in multiple VPS's I believe.

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    It's the number of writes/ps killing you on sda3 (the db partition).
    4 x SAS disks will give you ~ half the total iops of the 4 disks, so about 360 ish
    You need more spindles (disks) or reduce the writes to that partition.

    run this as well, to see the i/o's
    iostat -d 2 10
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