According to Wikipedia, April is National Poetry Month in the United States. To honor this under-appreciated art form and those who perpetrate it, are offering a very special deal on hosting through the end of the month, or while supplies last:

the Beat Poets special offer, sure to inspire the useless sentimentalist in all of us:

  • 81MB of disk space (81 being the atomic number of Thallium, a popular rat poison)
  • 2008MB per month transfer (2008 having been the International Year of Languages)
  • 2 domains (2 being a Fibonacci prime, something it's fun to brood about whilst drunk)
  • The lighttpd webserver (because you're someone who dares to be different)
  • The Kloxo control panel (because everyone needs inspiration for their angst)
  • Most of the usual webhosting features (because we can)
  • Hosted on a server in gloomy, rainy, London, England (because nothing is more poetic than London)
  • For just $4.20 per year (Marijuana being the catalyst of more bad poetry than anything except sexual frustration)

Supplies are limited. (Curse capitalism!) Contact us to take advantage of this offer. (A blatant opportunity for interaction with strangers!) Or don't. (Yay free will.)