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Thread: V-P-N in linux

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    Unhappy V-P-N in linux

    hi everybody.
    I want to setup a VPN service in linux.

    anybody can help me and tell me how i can do this?

    any link to step by step help document or article?

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    Is it a vpn or vps?
    Also what distro and GUI are you using as it makes a difference on setting up a vpn.

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    thanks for reply.
    It really make no diffrence. i can install each distro that is better and easier to setup.

    thanks. IDediServer Kevin , there is a lot a of different kind of vpn! which one i must use? I want to access to internet without any limitation because from my current place, reaching to many sites is forbidden. even facebook!!!!!!

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    Oh ok well I do like debian based distros as they are easier to work with and install packages. Ubuntu would be one of those.

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