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    Rackspace Cloud Sites

    Is there an alternative to this service. I also tried Amazon Beanstalk which I can't get my php app to package right in a war file. I am having several issue with cloud sites and I hate that it is not going to work out for me. I really liked the whole idea. Not having to worry about scaling and so on. I had planned to move all my sites here. I currently have cloud servers and gigenet and rack both. Which work fine I just don't want to admin task of managing them anymore and figure out when to scale them. So is there any alternatives to the beanstalk and cloud sites that may work for my situation.

    Problems I ran into with Cloud Sites:

    Cloud Sites allows anyone access to your db from remote locations. I couldn't specify who could use remote tools to connect to my db.

    Cloud sites doesn't allow you to access encryption features within mysql.

    Backups of Mysql could not be encrypted.

    They are also working on an issue currently that when users come to my the part of my app that needs their GEO IP it give me their internal IP. This happens for .02% of o the users coming in it give me an internal IP.

    I also had to stop using mod_geoip because it wasn't aviable and had to download maxminds csv file and import into mysql db's which is not as fast as the binary format. Had to change my code to work with it. Not such a big issue and one I can work around the others I can't yet.

    Those are my 5 issues right now.

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    There's not a whole lot of completely scalable platforms available for hosting a LAMP or WISA style structure but assuming your needs are larger than that of a single dedicated server could provide, there are Cloud Cluster solutions that can accomplish almost the same thing, except they are private vertically scalable environments so it is not shared with other customers and you can change the environment to your requirements, as well as have the host manage it so they monitor your usage and can scale up as needed.

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    Some PaaS companies for PHP that come to mind are PHP Fog and
    I <3 Linux Clusters

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    Maybe you should try cloud servers. Rackspace publishes on their site that could sites isn't for people who want to configure the backend, but cloud servers will let you do all of that.

    If you want root access, there are alternatives that will give you that.

    This is a bit of a "why is parallel parking my escalade hard?" complaint.
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    I'm hosting one of my sites on gigenet, they're AWESOME! Best support you can get.

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