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    What Happened to 2HourServers

    Does anyone know what happened to The last contact that I had from them was the following e-mail:

    "This email is to inform you that starting tomorrow at 8 pm and finishing on Wednesday we will start moving vps servers to a new data center. You will be assigned new ip addresses. Please backup your data off site before your vps is moved. We will no responsible for data loss during this move. This will not affect dedicated servers only vps."

    Our servers went offline at around 5:30PM PST, Sunday, with no other information given to us by There was no information regarding how long the downtime was going to be. Furthermore, you would think that during a Data Center move, they would at least keep the current servers online until the new servers are setup. Their own website has been offline at least since our servers has gone offline.

    This is a highly suspicious action, and a very unprofessional host, if they are going to continue with their business. From my perspective, it would appear that they are taking their customer's money and running.

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    There's a thread about it here, as well:

    You're right, this is highly unprofessional. I was shocked by how quickly they were undertaking this move and by how poorly this has been handled. I'm already working on an alternative just in case.

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    Thank you for directing me towards this thread! For some reason a search for 2HourServers did not pull this up. I must have added the .net to it. Thanks again!

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