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    Unhappy SQL Table is empty


    I am using old version of coppermine gallery for wallpaper section of my website,

    When I logged into PhpMyAdmin and went to the datebase of this script, I found that the user table which has admin username and password is empty,

    Seems like someone has hacked and empty it so I am unable to login into admin panel of that script but luckily the front end is working fine and data is still exist,

    How can I resolve this issue?


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    Do you have a backup of the database?

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    Nope thats the main problem

    A friend suggested me to install the same script on other account or location, export the user table and import on your current database,

    Will it work? or upgrading to latest version of that script will recreate the table or not?

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    The updated version could have made changes to the user table and may not be compatible, but its a good start. The first thing you should do is backup what you have (both the files and the database), before you make it worse trying to fix it.

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