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    Windows Dedi --> Multiple VPS. How does licensing work?


    I am looking to make a purchase of a Windows Dedicated Server (2003) so that I can partition it into multiple VPSs. Server Pronto, the host I am thinking about purchasing from sells Windows Dedicated Servers for $75 ($35 licensing fee is included). Assuming I have a valid license for the Dedicated Server how does licensing work if I would like to partition into VPSs? I've read that I'm allowed to partition my server into 4 VPSs per valid license. I've also read that I need a seperate license for each VPS.

    What would you recommend as the virtualization platform? VirtualBox? I was thinking I could use a Linux host and use ZEN for my VPS, but I don't know how licensing would work for this.


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    Please please please search on this forum and in Google for feedback on ServerPronto. Then make your own decision. I suggest that there are many other providers that may be a better bet.

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