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    Why not refill account

    Please help me to refill enom account from Vietnam IP.
    We are unable to process this transaction because we are currently not accepting orders from this IP.
    I do not known why ?
    Please help me.

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    You'll need to speak with Enom to see if there is anything they can do. I suspect they have probably had a lot of fraud orders from an IP in the same range as yours and that is why they're unable to accept your order.
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    Try using another ISP connection.

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    thanks for reply,I did try ti use more other ISP in Vietnam, but I can not refill my account. Do you have email of Support Enom ?
    Please help me .

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    Doesn't the help page of enom offer you a good enough way to contact them and ask your question? www(dot)enom(dot)com/helpme/default(dot)aspx

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    you can easily find there contact support online in there websites and i think you must have got 1 Id when you first started with them so check that email you can get it

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    If you ISP IPs are blocked on their side I suppose you need to let know about that your ISP.
    Most likely both service providers will be able to negotiate with each other and your IP will be desisted.
    Good luck.

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    eNom will only respond to you if you are an ETP. If you are under another Reseller, you should contact them.
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    How to refill

    Quote Originally Posted by stub View Post
    eNom will only respond to you if you are an ETP. If you are under another Reseller, you should contact them.
    I did create new account from ENOM.COM (not another reseller).
    Can I buy a new proxy IP for refill ?
    Please help me.

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    Does using a Proxy not work?
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    I personally find contacting enom via email is a waste of time. They take forever to respond. Try calling them that will be faster.

    A proxy should work but I don't trust them. They seem to be monitoring your key strokes which will give them your cc info and enom username and password.

    If you have any friends abroad you should try to send the money to them and let them do it. That is your best option now.

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