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    Selling hosting company

    Dear All,

    Bit of a strange one this so bear with me if you please!

    I run a free hosting company Initially I made money by referring customers to HostGator for paid accounts. This was great but I noticed that I wasn't getting paid for all the accounts that were being set up. When I looked into it the reasons became clear - users weren't sure of the relationship between 5GBFree and HostGator and were making errors on their sign up because of usability issues (ie when they registered for HostGator and it asked their username, they would put their 5GBFree username which would cause the signup to be invalidated)

    So, I thought - no matter, I'll see if HostGator want to create a separate signup page just for members of 5GBFree and form a partnership as opposed to just an affiliate link. It turns out they didn't and not only that, no one else wanted to put in the effort.

    So I created my own partner - which is a paid hosting site running ClientExec/WHM. As you will see, the two sites are properly integrated. For example if you go to 5GBFree and try to register, you'll be shown the price plans for 5GBPro, similarly if you visit 5GBPro you will see a link to the free plan.

    I started 5GBPro on the 1st February and in the two months there have been 19 signups so I think I've demonstrated the benefit of having two properly integrated sites.

    I would like to sell the site to someone who will give me a decent amount for those 19, and then on an ongoing basis carry on partnering with 5GBFree and give me a commission for each user I send your way.

    I hope to hear from you guys, and as ever let me know if you have any questions.

    Best wishes,

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    I've sent you a PM, Rob. Please get in touch.
    - Jamie Harrop

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    Hi Rob,please give me your email for contact. Griviera10 at gmail dot com

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    hello. As would be the reasonable amount for you?.

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    Hello Rob, Please PM with how much you looking to get for the 19 clients. Also, what all besides the clients and domain come with it?

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    Email me further info at mankie @ Gmail .com

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    Hi Rob,

    I would also be interested in this offer. Please PM me more details or email me pkresfelder {at}


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    Please PM me details too :0

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    We would like to help you find a middle ground. If you could please contact nick[at]


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    Hi Rob, any news?

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    Rob, I'm impressed with your perseverance in trying to work out a deal with your former affiliate partner that would make sense and, when that didn't happen, to create a solution yourself. Best of luck in this sale!
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    Thanks Atarim :-)

    Unfortunately, there's been something of a setback. I signed a contract with a company who shall remain nameless and to cut a long story short, I've not heard from them since, therefore I am looking for a new hosting partner.

    The deal I have with this party is:
    * They run under licence from me (I still own the domain)
    * They pay me $70 per customer I refer to them
    * They run a voucher code to encourage users to sign up for $0.01 for the first month

    I've given them notice of termination as required by our contract, so I'll be looking for a new partner to start when that runs out (7th July).

    If anyone's interested, please let me know!


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