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    server security tips


    i want a good way to secure php & ssh & apache

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    thanks brother

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    If you are having a cPanel server then i would suggest you to install CSF Firewall, it will do 60-70% of security task in some minute.
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    already installed

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    i want a good way to secure php & ssh & apache

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    My honest suggestion is to hire somebody who has experience in server security, and ask for details of what changes were made, and why.

    You could even seek out one of the many server admins/security consultants on the forum and ask for some hands-on guidance.

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    Apache ? Make sure you stay up to date..
    SSH ? Disable root login, use sudo, restrict ssh to certain source IP's or change the SSH port. Also use ssh keys and disable password based auth
    PHP ? Use proper variable regex checks to make sure injection based exploitation of PHP is not possible.
    Beyond this consult a PHP security expert to dig into your code and/or use mod_security.

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    thanks for you

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    The best way to harden your server is to have CFS installed and have it run a server check. There it will tell you where each vulnerability is and even guides you on how to secure it. You would be able to do most of it on your own.
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