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    Arrow Needed programmer as Project Partner

    I am looking for a partner/programmer(Desiner also if possible) for a CMS system

    This system will include coupon site (IN ONE DOMAIN), directory of sites, CMS with catalog and Ecommerce (SECOND DOMAIN).
    Something like - but probably without the free option.

    the sites can be based on WP or other open source.
    All need to be automated with sub-domain control.
    The GUI need to be very very to easy use (I have in mind how it should be).

    The coupon site will not be as Groupon (Other concept.

    PHP and ajax


    I want the programmer to build the system for himself - he will use it in his own Country - I Will pay all costs Including domain and
    hosting all the time (VPS in beginning - server when necessary in future) and 200 dollars for initial advertising - the vps/server we will use both - So need to be with a good ping for both locations.

    I will use the system in other regions.

    For more locations we will create affiliates - and split income.
    Programmer will give me support and will keep developing on request.

    I am aware of the time needed to do this project.
    So only if you have the time the ability and the energy - contact me.

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    By the way

    If you are from US you will be able to use the domain:

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    Please everyone - tell me what you think

    All comments are welcomed

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    for Initial 500 dollars someone will do it ?

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    Aim and email are on my profile.
    look forward to hearing from you.


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    Is this offer still valid?
    Also what kind of concept do you have in mind ( if there is not a Groupon kind, also I suppose not a classic coupon script )?
    Coupon Site Script - Turnkey Affiliate Moneymaking Business

    Code Coupon Discount - Coupon Site Script in Action

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    Offer is still valid.
    I will not tell the concept in this forum

    Nix.tgeorge - What is your email - Could not P.M you

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    nix.tgeorge at gmail dot com

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