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    iOS programming and web integration


    I am looking to do a program that would collect data on an iPad and after that sync with an online server but have very little knowlwdge on how much and who can I employ for such a thing.

    Does anyone know if :

    1) Do I need a license to load custom iOS programs to an iPad or iPhone?

    2) Can a program after collecting data, load it to a web server?

    3) Does anyone know what is the cost like to program a survey collection program but with the capability to sync the data with a online server?

    ( If this is the wrong section please let me know. )

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    You will need the apple developer account(paid) to load your apps into your iphone/ipad to test, and also to distribute to the app store.


    Price depends on the developer, time required for the app to be developed and the complexity of the app.
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    i liked your post very much

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