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    ESXi and osx/linux

    Hey everyone:

    Just curious if anyone is a mac user here and manages any ESX servers. I currently only have mac's but I manage a few ESX servers but I have to do this all through VMware as I havnt been able to find a client for OSX/Linux

    anyone find a cool solution to this?

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    Yeah, I'm a Mac user as well. There is no great solution for it, since VMware only offers a Windows client.

    I used VirtualBox to install a Windows 7 machine for the few Windows apps that I need. Such as VMware, Quicken (hate the Mac version of Quicken), and Outlook (manage a Zimbra cluster and need to test things out from time to time to support my users). So I just gave in at the knees and installed a virtual Windows 7 machine to take care of those holes for me.

    Other than that, there really isn't much of a solution for VMware, unless you want to get extremely familiar with managing things from the command line.
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    ah that is what i thought -- i installed vm fusion and thats what im using right now. IT would be cool to learn the commandline stuff though um...might be an option

    thanks for your input

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    Another Mac user here...

    I tend to keep a VM on my MacBook with the VMWare client software installed for datacentre visits, but for all other work we simply make sure there is what we refer to as a "supervisor VM" running on each ESX(i) box that gets deployed.

    This is usually just a minimum-spec Windows machine with RDP access and a few tools such as the VMWare client and Veeam FastSCP. That way if we ever need access from a machine that doesn't (or can't) have these tools installed locally we are never stuck.

    Hope this helps.

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