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    shared ssl question


    I'm having an issue with one SSL certificate, which will be installed over 2087 (WHM / SSL) and 2083 (cPanel / SSL).

    I just installed it.

    But Chrome and other browsers say that the name doesn't match with the CRT... I saw what name it had and is another one different to my hostname, for example:

    I installed X crt over, Okay, it says that was installed successfully, now I go to and I see the warning window, which says that the crt was issued for '' .....

    I went to WHM and looked for, it has an SSL host, I deleted it.. and reinstalled the hostname crt.. but the problem persist...

    what can I do?


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    You have to re-apply for a SSL cert from the Certificate Issuer (Comodo, GoDaddy or who ever).

    This takes up to 24 hours normally to get a new one, quicker in most cases however.
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