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    Looking for advice (dedicated provider)

    Hi guys

    I'm with Softlayer but looking to move. A UK based managed dedicated would be nice but I expect it would be pricey. US is ok though.

    This is a copy and paste of my current hardware:

    Motherboard *** * *** SuperMicro PDSMU Intel Xeon QuadCore SingleProc Sata [1Proc]
    Processor *** * *** Intel Xeon 3230-Quad Core [2.6GHz]
    RAM slot 1 *** * *** OEM 2GB DDR2 [2GB]
    RAM slot 2 *** * *** OEM 2GB DDR2 [2GB]

    Drive Controller Mainboard \ Onboard \ SATAII Controller Hardware
    Hard Drive 1 *** wcany4359758 *** Western Digital WD Caviar RE 16 WD2500YS
    Hard Drive 2 *** wcany4082191 *** Western Digital WD Caviar RE 16 WD2500YS
    *** *** ***
    Remote Mgmt Card SuperMicro AOC-SIMSO-plus IPMI-KVM
    Uplink speed: *** 1000 (Mbps)


    I don't have to have the exact above requirements, that's just what I'm using right now.

    I think my package includes 3000GB bandwidth but last month's bandwith was:

    Start Date End Date Out(GB) In(GB) Total(GB) *Projected(GB)
    02/23/2011 03/22/2011 167.35 28.19 195.54 N/A

    I need speedy support who will respond quickly when problems arise. Support is essential e.g. Ticket responses to server outages within 30 mins.

    WHM/cPanel would be good but not essential.

    Some kind of good firewall is needed as I have had people try to access my server.

    I think I'd just be using the server for a forum and maybe a Joomla or Wordpress powered website but I want it to be fast.

    A company that offers managed services is more attractive if they perform security patches etc automatically and so on so I can be sure my server is monitored and up to date.

    I'm not very tech minded so apologies if I've missed anything out that I should have stipulated.

    Thank you for any help or advice

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    Have a look at - I use them for my website and haven't been able to fault them yet. Prices are pretty good too - see if they have any offers on in the advertising section at the moment...
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    Thanks for the recommendation Dan

    What is your budget? I would recommend contacting a few UK providers asking for quotes, as I'm sure most can offer something of a similar spec.

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