has been providing premium e-mail service to corporations, small businesses, and average website owners since 2002. It's the core of our business, and what we do best. (There's a reason email hosting is listed first in my signature here!) Whatever your requirements - provided they're legal and ethical (we abhor spammers) - we can almost certainly help you, and we can almost certainly do it for less than anyone else with our degree of experience.

Tired of dealing with a provider who doesn't understand how important e-mail is? Contact us today with your questions, and get clueful, BS-free answers, or see our e-mail page and discover a few of the many things we offer.

On to the promo!

512MB e-mail storage (and unmetered transfer volume) with:

  • Unlimited IMAP mailboxes
  • Authenticated SMTP access
  • Alternate-port SMTP access
  • SSL-encrypted SMTPS access
  • SSL-encrypted IMAPS access
  • Full (SSL-encrypted) web-based account administration
  • No quota on numbers of mail sent or received
  • Unlimited forwards, autoresponders
  • Max 50MB size per message
  • Daily offsite backups with one week retention
  • Highly-effective anti-spam protection with custom-configured ASSP
  • $6.00/month

The usual discounts for prepayment (20% quarterly, 30% biannually, 40% annually) apply, meaning that if you prepay for a year, you can get this for a mind-blowing (($6.00 * 12) * 0.6) = $43.20 per year. We accept payment via PayPal, 2Checkout, or cheque; these rates are guaranteed for life.

Offer good through 30 April 2011, or while space is available. Contact us to take advantage of this offer, or with any questions you might have.