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    My 2 day and my 4 year review of KnownHost

    Rather then piggybacking on the numerous KH reviews, I felt like posting my own Kudos.

    Four years ago I switched to KH with the thought of starting a micro hosting business. Over the years I upgraded from an entry level VPS to a Hybrid. Not once in those years could I find fault. Not with uptime, Sales, Tech Support or Billing.

    Last month I finally caved and decided to exit the 'hosting' business and moved all my clients to KH and cancelled my account.

    Since I wanted to have a web site of my own, My 'evil twin brother' persuaded me to try another VPS provider and save a bit of $ (less then $5/mo). What a mistake! I won't go into the details, but suffice it to say other than high loads and my site running slower then an old 386PC, I cancelled and, with hat in hand, returned to KH.

    Amazing the difference.

    I'm not one for posting complaints or compliments. But in my experience, KH has proved to be rock solid in every respect and I just felt the need to say it loud and clear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeMarque View Post
    Since I wanted to have a web site of my own, My 'evil twin brother' persuaded me to try another VPS provider and save a bit of $ (less then $5/mo). What a mistake!
    The problem with being used to KH is that you very quickly find the limitations of other providers.

    You see other names thrown up as alternatives from time to time (from people who have no experience with KH) and quite frankly it's laughable to those of us who know the reality.

    I'm yet to see a KH customer say they went to another provider and it was better. So that's got to tell you something!

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    hope KH will keep up the good work!
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    Great stuff, 4 years is quite a while and the lack of problems in that time period speaks volumes.

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    We appreciate the kind words. Thanks as always from all of us at KnownHost!

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    KnownHost knows what they are doing, It's no question that they will please there clients!

    Kudos KnownHost!
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    Really thumbs up for KH.

    best of luck guys.

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