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    Need Dedicated in Leaseweb

    Hi everyone.
    I need a dedicated from Leaseweb.I have looked their web site but it is expensive i am looking to find more cheaper.

    I am looking like this a server.

    - 1x Quad Core Xeon L5410
    - Min.8 GB Ram
    - 24x2TB SATA2
    - 1 Gbps Unmetered

    I need unmetered.Not limited with any TB.


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    Hi James
    Thanks for your comment.I am looking for any Leaseweb resellers on WHT.If you know any resellers can you send me with pm please.

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    451 may be able to help They have stuff in Seattle, and Dallas. I believe he had a 24 drive Supermicro system in stock. I believe it had L56xx series (quad core)


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    What's your budget? This is not going to be cheap anywhere.

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    Yes I know.My budget is maximum 1300 Euro.

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    Good budget, you can get this server from leaseweb resellers.
    I will list here all LW resellers I know: "Recommended"

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    1300 euro may not even be doable. Your looking @ 350-550/mo for that server alone. Only leaves ~1300 USD left over. You can probably get some old time cogent, or HE for 1300/mo for a 1GB port. Unless you can be on a shared port with a couple of others.

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    Good question
    Why not give the guys at a call? I'm sure they can sort you out

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    Hi guys
    Thanks for comments.But i need leaseweb and not 100 TB limited traffic.Unlimited traffic I need.I need it for upload site.

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    All the companies I gave you offer unmetered GE connections, you just need to contact them.

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