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    AlwaysWebHosting charging after cancellation of hosting. Very untrustworthy.

    AlwaysWebHosting charging after cancellation of hosting. Very untrustworthy.

    I almost forgot about alwayswebhosting since I have been with them and cancelled being with them for the longest time. It was not until I checked my bank statement to see that I have been overdrafted on an account I don't even use anymore and keep a few dollars in.

    I registered my account with them on:

    "Thu 12/17/2009 1:18 PM", when i received my welcome letter for my cpanel account.

    I remember when I paid, every single time I had to authorize a payment via this link before he would go ahead and charge my credit card. Few months later I check and I get charged. This is obviously a very dishonest act. I don't know how many months this has been going on since I have cancelled in "[#CBY-139651]: Cancelation of package" Mon 9/20/2010 8:32 PM.

    My bank statements go only 2 months back online, but i remember seeing alwayswebhosting now or there with charges, and it never crossed my mind I have canceled a package there. The funny thing is, my billing login on the site is removed as well, which makes this all the more fishy.

    Charges I can only see now.

    ALWAYS WEB HOSTING LLC 97 2- 01APR 5548-****** USD4.00
    ALWAYS WEB HOSTING LLC 97 2- 01APR 5548-****** USD4.00
    ALWAYS WEB HOSTING LLC 97 2- 25MAR 5548-****** USD4.00

    Seriously? I only had one hosting package costing me $4.00 USD a month.

    Sun 5/2/2010 8:05 AM
    "> Please explain why I am currently paying 6.95 a month and why I did not receive any invoice notice or payment notice to my e-mail before it was paid? When the payment was automatically deducted from my card why wasn't a payment confirmation message sent to my e-mail? I do not wish to continue next month if i am paying 6.95 monthly.

    Hi, your sign up in Dec 2009 was with our 'happyholidays' promotion for 90% off your first sign up, then it goes to its normal $6.95/month rate.

    I am sorry that this was not clear to you. We do not want to lose your business, and would be glad to work our a deal that is fair. I cannot do it for $2/month, would you meet me in the middle at $4/month? That is a deal, let me know if you are interested and I will take care of adjusting the pricing.

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    So what I'm trying to say is that, after cancellation of my package in Mon 9/20/2010 8:32 PM and confirmed by Ronnie Moore [#CBY-139651]: Cancelation of package as a support ticket, I am still being charged months later causing me to have an overdraft of $20USD on my account as well as those $12USD the past two weeks. And maybe even more because I currently can't check more than two months back on my online statement. I am waiting for a response.

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    It goes with out saying that this should be reported to your CC company as soon as possible. Be sure to get a new CC number issued. - Take Control Of Your Backups!
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    i also forgot. The month i tried canceling, it didn't go through with them, and that's why i had to send the support ticket, so I have to pay one extra month.

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    Hi, I believe that I was waiting for a response to my discounted price offer for you.

    But, if we received your cancellation then you are right these should be refunded. We do not want to bill you for an account you do not want.

    I will resolve/refund this properly this via the support ticket today. I apologize for any trouble this may have caused you.

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    I'm not saying this host is untrustworthy but, in general & is my opinion:
    Don't people like using paypal - I would never trust a host & certainly not a $4 p/m host with my CC details
    - Proudly Hosted By: NetworkPanda.

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    Just called the bank and requested for a 6 month history, and change of CC number. will update this thread when i my history.

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