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    Upper segment managed linux VPS needed

    Hi folks!

    I am in need to find a place to host some of my projects, and I have some special requirements. I hope you could point me to a right direction.

    1. Location: Europe with good redundant multiple connectivity. US is not perfectly suited because most of my customers are in EU
    2. Must be a reliable established company with good history, not just someone's reseller.
    3. Server and datacenter reliability is a must! Must be as reliable and secure as possible with the lowest downtime. This is critical.
    4. Must have all infrastructure in place. That is, not just OS, but all apache, mysql, and other standard stuff installed, secured, configured. Must have a control panel so that I as a customer will be able to add domains/emails/users/databases and manage them myself. In other words, the infrastructure must be rady for a non-expert end user to immediately deploy web projects. I should expect an infrastructure (OS/scripts) to be secure and all security holes already closed and patched, not that I would need to hire another company that would do a security audit for me. Similarly, critical updates of the software shoudl be provided by hoster.
    5. Must offer fully-managed VPS - by "managed" I understand this:
    a. proactive server monitoring and action (where possible of course)
    b. install for me some custom software (I will need some stuff like Zend optimizer, ioncube loader and stuff like that, nothing exotic).
    c. be able to act fast on my tickets if something goes wrong.

    I am not expecting a dedicated admin to sit there and wait for my requests. Usially I am very low in my demands for service and if infrastructure is set up and secured from the beginning, i.e. if everything works as it should, I am a virtually troble free as I can manage end-user stuff like domains, users, databases myself via control panel. But I have to know that it is backed up by people available 100% time, both by chat\ticket system and emergency phone number. Situation when the whole thing is down, including ticket system, and there is no emergency phone #, is unacceptable.

    As for config - linux, at least 2 ghz cpu (or more), 2 gb dedicated ram (the more the better, preferrably 4 gb burstable up to 8 gb), 25 gb hdd (or more), transfer 200 gb or more. If it is behind a good firewall, it would be a plus. CP may be parallels, direct admin, or anything similar that is enough end-user friendly and lets me add/manage domains/users/emails etc

    As for budget - up to $250 / month.

    Is there anything like that on the market now? I know I can find good stuff in US, but I need an EU hosting.
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    I would say that wiredtree would be perfect if they had servers in EU. Unfortunately their connectivity to EU is not too great. But their pricing and support and servers are just right for me. Now, if I could find similar one in EU...
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    I would say for $250/month you should be able to get a good managed dedicated server in EU. Can't recommend any specific company though.
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    Sounds like a Hybrid from FutureHosting in the UK may be a good option for you.

    Alternatively you could take a look at seem to be very highly recommended.
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    Your budget is sweet, you should give me some of that!
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    Thank you very much everybody, for your help! I really appreciate it!
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    I'd suggest you to opt for dedicated server with you good budget.
    You can try to use Hetzner, their network pretty solid and good system. :: Cloud Hosting Reliable Xen VPS :: Serving Customer From More Than 40 Countries.
    Hosting Services Available in the USA ● Germany ● Malaysia ● Singapore and Hong Kong
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