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    Do you know any server speed monitoring service?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm building a site where load speed is of the absolute essence. Now, I have a dedicated server on the West Coast, which most of the time loads the site extremely quick, but sometimes takes a few seconds longer, which is a problem. Now, it is a possibility that these instances are caused by my local internet connection. Is there any service I can use to thoroughly test my dedicated server over the period of, say, a week? I guess I'm thinking of a service which pings my server every few seconds so I can see if there are indeed any slow periods? I saw at least one similar service ( but from what I see they only tell you whether the ping totally failed or not. What I need to see is how FAST the server replies.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I think pingdom logs the time it took to complete each request.
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    I think the latest version of PRTG have something like that. Though that is Windows only.

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    Try pingdom. pingdom logs the server response times and checks your uptime as well.
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