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Thread: web application

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    web application

    how to develop a web application.. do i need to have a CMS first.
    and then adding plugin to the CMS...


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    It depends how important your CMS is going to be and your skills to do it. If it is not very important then you might want to adventure yourself and develop your application, otherwise you might want to hire someone.

    If it is a simple application, or a common task, chances are that there is already something developed for your desired functionality. CMS is not a must for a web application, but many have thousands of plugins for them. Try searching the extensions in Joomla and see if there is one that suits your needs
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    First of all, you should be familiar with web application environment if you are going to develop a web application. CMS is not compulsory but most of the developer prefer it specially Joomla to avoids further bugs during development of a web application.

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    what kind of web application you are interested in. There are a lot of ways through which you can develop the application.

    Try looking at tutorials on nettuts and you will learn a lot.

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