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    Monitor stop working

    Maybe somenone knows what could have happaned with my LG monitor. The light indicator don't turn on and that leads that it doesn't work...

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    Press the power button?
    Check the cord is plugged in, and the outlet is outputting power. Look for signs of scorch marks anywhere, and check the power cable carefully for damage.
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    It is literally impossible for anyone to tell you what is wrong. You need to give more details. Was it working previously? Did you try plugging it into a different outlet? Are you sure there is power coming out of the outlet it's plugged into. Its internal power supply might have died. Are you sure you're using a power cable that's rated properly for your monitor? What model is the monitor?
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    try directly pluging the monitor into the wall and firmly reconnect the monitor into the computer again. see if that works.

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