Add speed and months of uptime to your site or app with an Akliz dedicated server

With a combination of pure Internap bandwidth, careful infrastructure design, and continuous monitoring, Akliz hosting is built from the ground up to keep your applications running quickly and flawlessly.

Improve your latency and uptime

Our network can improve your ping times on average by 30 milliseconds when compared with the suboptimal routes of other networks. It can also improve your guaranteed uptime by a hundred-fold—reducing the typical allowable downtime of 43 minutes per month to just a few minutes. These make our servers perfect for web hosting, gaming, voice, and video.

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Run your most demanding applications

  • Error correcting code memory keeps your server stable by correcting single bit and detecting double bit memory errors.
  • Work on your server at the comfort of your office or home. Access your server 24/7 through our private network and remote KVM and power. These technologies also let us come to your aid quickly.
  • Our Boston, MA location has excellent routes to the rest of the states and Europe.

The following server can be yours

  • 4 core Xeon E5405
  • 8 GB ECC memory
  • 2x 1 TB hot swap hard drives
  • 1 TB Internap bandwidth
  • Remote KVM and power
  • 20-day free trial available
  • Up or Your Money Back
  • $198 per month

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About Akliz

Akliz is an Internet hosting company in Boston centered on powerful hosting. We understand how fast and reliable hosting can increase the success of your projects. Since we have started in 2006, many of our original clients remain with us and are growing.

We are committed to giving you and your users a great hosting experience—technically and personally. Our quality technology infrastructure, and the fact that we love to use fast and reliable websites and applications, give you peace of mind that your applications are smooth and reliable when your users use them. From planning to operation, choosing and using hosting is simple at Akliz. Our dedicated team members see your projects from your perspective to provide personalized hosting advice and support.

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