Trust a REAL Company

There's just too much uncertainty in the world of website hosting these days. Web hosts are constantly popping up and then disappearing into thin air. Don't trust a kiddie host, or a fly-by-night "company" with your websites and your important information. We're a licensed Limited Liability Corporation in the state of Indiana doing business as Decker Services LLC. We also have an excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau for the greater Fort Wayne Indiana area.

Proven Track Record

We have consistently proven to have some of the best uptime ratings in the industry. We currently have a 99.98% uptime rating over the last 2.5 years. Not 99% or 99.9% but 99.98% and that is unheard of! Your content needs to be online 24/7, so why not choose a company that can deliver on your needs?

Customer Service is #1

Ask any of our current clients. They will tell you first hand that we put customer service at the top of our priority list. We will go out of the way to ensure customer satisfaction. Let us show you the difference!

The Choice is Yours

When you register with Decker Services, you have the choice of control panels. Unlike most hosts who only provide one panel, we offer you the choice of Plesk or cPanel. The choice is yours.

Quality Hardware

Our hosting services span multiple servers. Many hosts only run single servers. This leaves your content open to single point of failure. Unlike most hosts who try and run their services on crowded, oversold servers, or VPS units, we ONLY use dedicated hardware, NOT vps servers or reseller accounts from elsewhere. Each of our servers are running with no LESS than 4 GB of dedicated RAM and a quad core Intel Xeon processor.

No Oversell Policy / No Unlimited Offers

Once a server's hard drive space has been 80% allocated, we consider the server to be maxed out. This provides a safety net so that if each user decides to max out their accounts, the hard disk would still only be 80% full. We all know that some clients push their accounts to 95% or more. That's fine. We also know that some people will only use maybe 5%, but that's not an opportunity for us to "oversell" this unused space to somebody else. After all, the first client is paying for it. They should be able to use 100% of it if they wish to do so, right? Any host that offers "unlimited" or "unmetered" disk space or bandwidth are lying to you as it's simply not possible and they are clearly overselling their services.

Plans / Signup

We have a wide array of plans to choose from starting as low as $1.95 per month. We also have a promotion going on where new customers are entitled to receive 50% off their first billing cycle when choosing a new cPanel hosting account. Visit us today for more information!

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