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    Mail not going to Correct Server

    I just recently switched my email over from using cPanel's IMAP to use Google Apps for Small Business so I could have exchange push, contact and calendar syncing plus a few other things.

    I have one small problem, where any of the emails that are sent using my automated scripts seem to go into the mail box on the cPanel server, and not to the email address that is at Google.

    I have the DNS MX set correctly because all other email gets sent to the correct place. Only email that I send from the cPanel server gets sent to the mail box on there.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

    Thanks - Fast Reliable File Hosting

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    I think I actually just figured this out. I was digging around in WHM before I posted this and didn't see anything. I was just digging around in the cPanel account it self and found some MX settings. I changed the server to "Remote Mail Exchanger" for the domain and it seems to work now. - Fast Reliable File Hosting

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