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    I have some doubts (HELP plz)

    hey guyz i am Aneel, i am just learning web deigning,

    i am planning to buy a web hosting regarding to this i have couple of doubts any expert webmaster clarify my doubts plz?

    1. i wanna install phpbb3 forum software in my site, for this wich hosting is best (linux hosting or windows hosting)

    2. in i seen this plan economy 4gh , in that plan it shows external domains unlimited, that means we can add a new domain to the cpanel by adding nameservers?

    3. it also shows multiple websites not allowed , what dose it means?

    webmasters plz help me kindly i tried lot but not fonded answers to this questions.

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    Linux is a better choice for hosting forums.

    GoDaddy is widely considered one of the worst web hosting providers. I suggest you choose a webhost that you find here.

    Multiple websites not allowed means only one domain name, such as
    Skeptic Hosting
    Promoting a reality-based lifestyle choice
    Hosting by invitation only, nothing for sale

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